April 10, 2015


Just because it's summer, doesn't mean I'm required to summer attires, right?
Cardigans are usually used on a cold weather. My monochrome fitting dress fits on to my black and white pumps, plus my black cardigan. I love black. Also, I am wearing my colorful Rayban shades, that is, the only colorful thing that I am wearing, because my outfit has the only colors with black and white only. I'm not suppose to use the shades but it's 3pm in the afternoon and the sun's so bright and hot, so I really need to. Lastly, I think my outfit is way better to use, of course on a cold weather, and also, since I live in a hot weather country, it is better to use in night out parties wherein you would feel more comfortable to use your cardigan, or I could also prefer removing the cardigan, to make it look sexier. Have a sexy black and white look!