March 22, 2015

Monochrome Day

I am wearing my black and white monochrome pants that fits on my Jessica Simpson purse. This was the day when I had the chance to shoot because during this day, I have no class the whole day and last week was the hell week. My blue accented neutral doll shoes with decorative ribbons have the perfect look on my clothes.

 So, have a sunny OOTD.

Thanks for reading, XX.

March 10, 2015

Fairy Fairytale

I am wearing one of my fave and comfy dress that's just exactly at the right location were we shoot. My shoes never fail to make me uncomfortable were I bought this last October when my mom and I had our vacation at Hong Kong. This kind of outfit can be use during on a Sunday's best attire, or any simple ocassion that will help you look out, that is, a sort of fairy outfit. Most of the time, I never leave the house without any accessories, for me, accessories give spark to your outfit, even if you have a dry or simple plain top, accessories can help you look colorful. So I put on my black choker to make it more colorful.

Thanks for reading, XX. ERICA

February 15, 2015

High Waist Be Like

High waisted button shorts make me feel comfortable that I could easily tuck in any sando, shirts, or anything you would like to wear. The outfit that I am wearing can be use in 2 in 1 style. You could use it with or without any cardigans, blazers, or polo shirts. What I am wearing is a polo shirt, so I could either put it on or off and that depends on your style too, but putting a polo shirt may seem more fashionable because for me, making yourself colorful adds spark on to the outfit, plus accessories. I adore my black and white pointed shoes because b&w shoes looks good on any colored outfit. Enjoy wearing these kind of any outfit (anything similar)

 Thanks for reading. XX, ERICA.:)