January 18, 2013

The Wedding

Sorry for the late upload again! ^^

Anyways, photos were taken at the Tetuan church, January 03, 2013.  I uploaded this late coz I'm too busy studying, coz this week is a hell week, and finally! I'm done with my midterm exams. I'll just do my RS project a bit later after I finish blogging. I have many things that I wanna say, but I can't type it all. So, enough with the chit chat! :) Anyway, I am one of the bridesmaid in tita Wilma's wedding. I hate my make-up that time. Seriously, I hate my eyebrows coz it's too dark, so I wiped it and then removed my eyeliner below my eyes coz it's making my eyes big, and I hate it. Not only me, but also my cousins. They also hate their make-up. But never mind, the important thing is, it's tita Wilma's happiest day ever! :)

These are my flowers as one of the bridesmaid.

Those words... "Till death do us part". Like, time together is fleeting; it is too scarce to waste. Beautiful and lovely wedding. I know that it is tita Wilma's happiest day in the whole wide world. To be with his husband, tito Jeff. 

*from left to right*

My mom (Carla Quindo). Cousin, Jessa (Jessa Quindo Bugayong). Cousin, Ate An2 (Rachel Angelica Quindo Fernandez). Aunt Neneng (Evelyn Quindo Bugayong). Cousin, Ate Riza (Riza Melisse Quindo Fernandez). Me (Erica Quindo). Cousin, Mae2 (Rhea Mae Quindo Fernandez).

Reception was at the Astoria Plaza Hotel. The wedding was so awesome! Food, chocolates, marshies, sweets, photo booth, and many more, everybody was happy especially the groom and bride. Sigh, how I wish, my wedding would be like that too, hmm... Soon! ;) While tita Wilma was dancing with lolo Willy, his father, she cried and it touched my heart. :) You know that feeling? While she was dancing while hugging her father, I almost cried too. Coz I also wondered that time if I got married, who shall dance with me? Since I don't have my daddy anymore. :) And oh, I really miss him. Bah, I'm a bit emotional already. But seriously, that was the most emotional part of my tita Wilma's wedding.