February 02, 2014

Second day of Debutant's Shoot

We had a windy and fresh photoshoot where I created a nature background plus Jhazzle's hot look for her 18th birthday.
These photos were taken at Abong-abong and there were many photographers and models who also had a photoshoot.

                          When I was taking this photo, the background really catched my attention.

Look who's with us, and it's Baby girl! We also invited her and I was also the one who took her photos. I also have many of photos of her, but I just uploaded the photos which are stunning. 

Actually it's my hat, lol. But I think it fits in Jhazzle's outfit, and ofcourse, she's the debutant and our model, so for now, she's the star of my blog.

This was Jhazzle's 4th and last outfit, inwhich she looks simple and girly.
I posted a last photo of her with a smile to remind you that "Don't forget to smile!"